A graphical simulator, assembler and debugger for the Intel 8085 microprocessor

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GNUSim8085 is available in repository of most Linux distributions. If the latest version is not available then you can download source or binaries we provide. Please note that we do not provide binaries for all distributions.

File Notes
Debian/Ubuntu 32 bit (i386) SHA256: 6ad56a8cf0cc450d47eacad1cadc2df21693a1812d461567d4f3169a43b99315, Compatible with Debian >= 8.0, Ubuntu >= 14.04
Debian/Ubuntu 64 bit (amd64) SHA256: 1bfc8949312181a4ace612267d3c922fcb46228fc68343814138fa5273ed9786, Compatible with Debian >= 8.0, Ubuntu >= 14.04
Fedora 64 bit (x86_64) SHA256: f635a6b955d63cd155a84f7e47dda08a687e779e76b8e449198acb4af693eb1e, Compatible with Fedora >= 27
Windows 32 bit SHA256: dee03d81fd72e12bbc7e332640ff640000891359f936b5d38daa2d0f6dcb730e, Please uninstall any old versions before installing this.
Arch Linux Package avaialble from AUR. If it works well for you do not forget to vote for it.
Source SHA256: 4af0797afa90490a2d236c4bb2053e30676cd14a9c9a4b4e1eeba9c9808ea017, Compatible with Debian >= 8.0, Ubuntu >= 14.04